Message From District Governor


Dear Rotarians,

Rotary is the largest voluntary service organisation for men and women of all ages, young and old, in the world, and we are its representatives here in District 3120. We are committed through fellowship and our personal skills to changing and improving lives, supporting and improving communities, nationally and internationally, working for peace and understanding between all peoples. Rotary gives us the opportunity to give something back, give hope to communities and make lives worthwhile and fulfilled. Rotarians have fun and make new friends at the same time. Members are all in agreement that Rotary opens doors to a better world.

Part of the beauty of Rotary service is that every club and every Rotarian can choose where and how they wish to serve. And I think all of us here have had the experience of feeling a project resonate especially deeply — of standing for a moment in the shoes of the people that Rotary has helped, and knowing just how much their lives have been changed. Rotary is doing so much — but it could be doing so much more. We have so many successes to celebrate, and we also face significant challenges. The greatest challenges facing Rotary today are not new; perhaps it’s time for us to think seriously about addressing them in new ways and we need to address head on.