Histrory of Rotary District 3120

Rotary in India

Calcutta was the home town for the first Rotary club in the mainland of Asia. R.J. Combes, the manager of a steel products company while on a business trip to U.S.A. was so impressed by the "Friendship, fellowship, and service" aspects of the movement called Rotary that he wanted to introduce the idea to his friends in Calcutta also. There was no difficulty for him to convince enough people and convene the first meeting on 26 September, 1919. The new club was chartered just after three months of the first meeting, on the New Year day of 1920 to be exact. All the twenty charter members were non- Indians. S.C. Rudra who was the first Indian member was inducted in 1921. In 1921 itself Sir Surendranath Banerjee was made an honorary member. The first Indian to become the club secretary was Nitish C. Laharry (1926) who climbed all steps to reach Rotary's top slot viz. RI presidency in 1962-'63. A.F.M. Abdul Ali was the first Indian to adorn the collar of a club president.

Rotary in Uttar Pradesh

In 1930 two clubs were formed- Etah and Meerut. In 1937, Lucknow, club was chartered, in 1938 club at Agra came into existence and Dehra Dun welcomed Rotary in 1940. In 1943 clubs were formed in Kanpur and Allahabad and in the two years that followed Moradabad, Faizabad and Gorakhpur were added to the Rotary India map. As many as ten clubs were chartered in 1947 out of which two were in UP at Mussoorie and Lucknow(2).

Rotary In post Independent India

By the time India became independent, there were 71 Rotary clubs (14 in Gujarat, 10 inMaharashtra, 10 in UP, seven in Tamil Nadu, seven in Karnataka and 23 in 10 other states) with a total membership of 3121 members.

Development of Districts

Up to 1931-32, Rotary clubs in India were non-districted. From 1932 to 1935 clubs in India, Burma and Ceylon were grouped under provisional District A. On 1 July 1935District 89 was formed with clubs in Afghanistan, Burma, Ceylon and undivided India. The first district governor was Sir Frederick E James (1935-36). Sir Phiroz Sethna followed him the next year. Sir F.E. James had to be once again at the saddle due to the sudden death of Phiroz Sethna. The first conference of Provisional District "A" was held in 1932 at Calcutta with Sir.F.E. James as the first governor and the 1934 conference was held at Bombay and 1936 at Bangalore. Up to 1936, RI president was not represented at the conferences and there was no conference in 1934-35.

The first conference of Rotary District was in Madras in 1936-'37 under the governorshipof Sir F.E. James. Haji M. Eusoff represented the RI President at this conference.. The second conference was at Baroda and the third at Colombo. In 1939 District 89 was bifurcated to create District 88 also which consisted of Afghanistan, Burma and part of undivided India. In 1942, the district was renumbered as district 91, and in 1948 again rechristened as 92.The number of districts in India was 12 in 1970-71. In the year 1949, the district all over the world got reorganised and the areas of Uttar Pradesh came under district 54 till 1957 when it was gain reorganised to form 315 and the very next year- 1958 the district got split to 310, 313, 315. The district 310 comprised of UP, parts of MP, Delhi, Haryana and Punjab.

History of District 310

In this region Rotary Club of Agra was the first club charted in 1939. In 1943-44 Rtn Banarsi Das, in 1949-50 Rtn Raj Nath Kunjru and in 1955-56 Rtn Kamta Prasad were the District Governors from Agra. In 1970-71 six RI District in India were bifurcated into the twelve and our region belonged to RI District 311. In 1983, this district was again divided into 311 and 312-Our current district. In 1991-92 this district was redesignated as RI District 3120. Presently RI D 3120 includes areas from Rewa, Satna in MP to Lakhimpr kheri , Gorakhpur, Varanasi , Allahabad and Lucknow having 43 revenue Districts of Utter Pradesh and MP. Now 2746 Rotarians in 67 Rotary Clubs of RI D 3120 are serving to the community.

History of District 311

The First Governor of District 311 Gyanendra Kumar and the last DG was sajjan Goenka who took charge of the District in Nainital in the Assembly organised by DG Pyare Lal ji . He demitted the Office of DG in Varanasi Assembly on the day India won the World Cricket Cup. In those times the outgoing DG used to organise District Assembly and PETS, SETS, Assembly & Installation of DG all used to be one affair.

The Governor of undivided district from areas currently under district 3120 were V. N. Kapoor (76-77), CK Shah (77-78)Prem Narain Agarwal(78-79) and J. N. Tandon(79-80). PDG C. K. (Chandu) Sah, who was member of Varanasi South, probably is no more a Rotarian. PDG Prem Narain Agarwal is a member of Agra (3110), PDG Prem Narain Srivastava is a member of Gorakhpur, in 1981-82 DG was Shree Pyare Lal Goyal from Mathura (3110), probably he continues to be a Rotarian, Rajiv Tandon is a member of Kannauj (3110) & Sajjan Goenka is member of Bombay West (3140). VN Kapoor and J N Tandon are not alive.

History of District 312- 3120

This district was created after the division of district 311 and in 1991 got rechristened as 3120. The first District Governor of this new district Kanhiya Lal Gupta was elected at the District Assembly at Varanasi was the DG during 1984-85 and in 1985-86 it was Manohar Jaiswal and Prem Narain Srivastava in 1986-87. All are no more. Rajiv Tandon 87-88 is now in Kannuaj and member of dist 3110. The DG in 88-89, 89-90 and 90-91 were Gopal Bhargava, Sohan Lal Mehrotra and Kailash Nath Khandelwal respectively and all no longer alive.

Onkar Prasad Agarwal became the first DG of rechristened district of 3120 in 91-92 and currently resides in Azamgarh and he was succeded by Vijay Gopal from lucknow in 92-93 and M C Bijawat from Varanasi in 93-94. He was succeeded by Amitav Ray from Allahabad in 94-95, Ravi Sabarwal from lucknow in 95-96, PD Agarwal from Varanasi in 96-97 and Dr O P Bajaj from Allahabd in 97-98 and Late Raj Kishan Das from Varanasi in 98-99. At the turn of the millennium 99-00 Shailendra Jain from Lucknow was the hel and he was succeeded by Dr Lalta Prasad Khare from Rewa in 00-01, the first DG from MP for this district. P K Jain from Allahabad became DG in 01-02, and he was succeeded by B D Gujrati of Varanasi in 02-03, and Govind Lath of luck now in 03-04.

Hari Mohan Sah from Varanasi became the governor when Rotary completed 100 years in 04-05 , with Alok Marwah of Lucknow taking charge as the 101st year DG in 05-06. The DG chair moved to Allahabad with Pradeep Mukherjee in 06-7 and Dr V N Singh of Varanasi in 07-08, and Anup Agarwal of Gorakpur in 08-09. C P Agarwal was the DG from lucknow in 09-10 and Dr Sanjay Sharma of Allahabad in 10-11 and Uttam Agarwal of varanasiin 11-12. The leadership moved up north to Lakhim pur with Dr Ajay Aga at the helm in 11-12, and Suresh Agarwal of Lucknow taking over from him in 12-13. The current 14-15 Governor Satpal Gulati hails from Allahabad and will be succeeded by Ved Prakash of Varanasi in 15-16, Dr Pramod Kumar of Renukoot in 16-17 and Ranjeet Singh from Lucknow in 17-18.